Mass producing scarabs! (press moulding)

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Mass producing scarabs! (press moulding)

Postby Shaidar Haran » Thursday 10th May, 2012 11:10 am

So I had a quick look online last night and found this site. It specifically shows about necron scarabs, but the idea could be extrapolated to a lot of other stuff.

Still, anyone thinking of getting necrons and using scarabs might want to check out the below link. Lots of scarabs is good for more than just the unit. They make great additions to bases for larger models like the spiders! ... h.html?m=1
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Re: Mass producing scarabs! (press moulding)

Postby Rick » Thursday 10th May, 2012 1:44 pm

You can also buy some very nice not-scarabs from puppet wars. You might still want to do press moulding when doing the actual scarab bases and then use actual models for the top layer for that forgeworld ripper swarm look that's so in fashion.
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Re: Mass producing scarabs! (press moulding)

Postby IronWithin » Thursday 10th May, 2012 4:11 pm

I have just bought some of This stuff online, I've made my first few molds already and they are turning out quite well (for a first attempt I hasten to add).

it would work really well for scarabs, easier I think as the molds are flexible so easier to pry out (and no need for a releasing agent)
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