Star Wars X-Wing Narrative Campaign

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Star Wars X-Wing Narrative Campaign

Postby DecapitateTheCat » Thursday 8th January, 2015 5:07 pm

Hello all,

I have recently acquired a fair bit of X-Wing gubbins and wanted to write a narrative campaign and maybe do a campaign day where we all play 6 games or something like that? Ending with something really cool like a joint Death Star trench run at an epic scale! :mrgreen:

This post is primarily to get an idea of interest, if you'd like to partake, can you reply with your name, preferred faction and available ships (for the trench run, I'll write semi-structured lists that each player can adjust and add upgrades to)? Once we have a few players (at least 2v2), I'm happy to go ahead and write the campaign.

I'll get it started:
Euan McIntosh
Chosen Faction = Rebels (Someone can borrow my Imperial ships if they want to take part)
Owns: Core, Falcon, Rebel Aces, Tie-Defender, Tie-Phantom

Cheers Folks! May the force be with you.
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Euan McIntosh
WH40K: Space Machines - 1500pts, Eldar - 1000pts
WFB: High Elves - 2500pts
VaS: Late War Japanese
X-Wing: Core, Falcon, Rebel Aces, Tie-D, Tie-P
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Re: Star Wars X-Wing Narrative Campaign

Postby hellfire331 » Friday 9th January, 2015 3:00 pm

Hi mate, having got the core set for Christmas and a few imperial bits and bobs, this sounds very interesting.

At the moment I have the core box set, 1 additional tie fighter and 1 tie interceptor. Plan to rapidly expand imperial wise.


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