Victory at Sea Campaign - 1942 introduction

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Victory at Sea Campaign - 1942 introduction

Postby noodle » Tuesday 18th November, 2014 12:51 pm

The year is 1942, January. In 1939 nazi Germany invaded Poland but the British & French let down their Polish allies, responding to a last minute peace deal from Germany to avoid war. The deal signed over Danzig to the germans, an agreement which the poles strenuously objected to. When the Fuhrer's troops marched into the city according to the stipulations of the treaty, the poles attacked. Within weeks Poland had been overrun, with the USSR taking the east for the "security" of the region. Britain & France did nothing, and Chamberlain's government fell in under three months. Winston Churchill became Prime Minister, pledging to stand up to Hitler should he make any further moves for territory.

The peace did not, could not, last. For two years the two sides in the coming war built up their forces on land, sea and in the air. The act which plunged the world into war came suddenly, with the axis powers, now including Japan, initiating a surprise attack which signalled the start of the second world war. In the Pacific the Japanese simultaneously assaulted Singapore, the Phillipines and Malaya, while launching a surprise attack on Pearl Harbour. Fortunately the Americans had headed the warnings from British intelligence, and the Japanese were disappointed to find the US fleet had left its anchorage some hours earlier. Never-the-less the base was totally destroyed and the US lost a vital base in the pacific.

In Europe, Hitler, now with his Balkan allies and the Italians, launched an attack east into Russia. At the same time, axis forces rolled into Yugoslavia and Greece. The attack on the USSR may not have allowed the western powers to declare war on Germany, but the invasion of Greece gave Churchill the perfect excuse. Britain & France declared war on the axis powers on January 4th. Only the USSR and Japan maintained an uneasy peace, with pressure on both sides to declare war on one another.

This is where our campaign begins. All major powers have their full fleets as they would have been in 1942, with none of the losses incurred fom the actual war 1939-1942. Both sides have also had time to build up their naval programs and France is still in the fight! <---- Aleph sector blog <---- Aleph sector fiction <---- WW2 campaign <---- Warhammer campaign
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Re: Victory at Sea Campaign - 1942 introduction

Postby Talorian » Tuesday 18th November, 2014 2:42 pm

don't you mean and France Surrenders!
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