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Aeronautica Imperialis

Postby thepaintingmonkey » Tuesday 3rd September, 2013 9:31 pm

I was just looking on FW and only just noticed that along with GW stopping specialist games, FW have ended AI. Everyone might have know this but I certainly didn't spot it. Ebay prices seem to have risen quite dramatically for some models, though I suppose that might just keep going...

Just thought I'd point it out if anyone has AI models gathering dust with no desire to play the game (probably most of us I'm guessing!)
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Re: Aeronautica Imperialis

Postby Mattman » Wednesday 4th September, 2013 2:38 pm

Yeah, everything small scale has been stopped which is annoying as hell as fliers are some of the things I am missing.
AI prices are high because Epic players also want the AI fliers for their armies, so you have 2 camps fighting over them.
Give it a few months and you will see some other manufacturers filling the gap. To start with E&C on TacComs is making his own version of imperial fliers, you can see a picture of them here in his ongoing topic:

He is calling them the Lancastrian, Stukhog, Spitefire.

I believe they are more tru-scale, so should fit in more with other AI models. He also has a gunship and transporter further along the post for use with guard armies.

Deacon also has plans to produce some fliers for his OTC (Tau) army at some point after he has done the first waves of Nuns in Space, Evil Evils and Space Frogs.

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