War in the Iron Kingdoms

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War in the Iron Kingdoms

Postby Shaidar Haran » Tuesday 2nd October, 2012 4:03 pm

Warmachine and Hordes

Hey guys,

With society starting back up again would like to get back to playing this game. Myself and SCrowe will be brig some down this weekend to try starting things off again.

For any new guys that play
We currently only have a few players but would like to see more;
Myself (Chris) - retribution and everblight
SCrowe - khador
Rick - skorne
Nik - cryx, cygnar, skorne

For anyone interested in the game or what it is;
Skirmish size game with a mages who control big beasts or mechanised "warjacks" and lead small units of troops. Fight! Cool ideas are that beasts/warjacks can throw/slam/headbutt eachother. It's quite a tactical game and at first can seem daunting with lots of abilities to remember, but once you get Into it, it's a lot of fun.
Any more interest just ask, happy to do demo's or talk people through stuff.
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Re: War in the Iron Kingdoms

Postby Rick » Tuesday 2nd October, 2012 8:21 pm

Great, I'll bring my skorne!

I'd just like to add warmachine/hordes is an easy game to get into because unlike GW games you don't need to bulk buy an army to get into it. You can start playing with just a starter box (around £31 with a discount) and standard games are usually 35-50pts. Most people like to keep adding to their collection once they've reached this point so they can try different casters and units and its pretty convenient to do this one unit at a time and just swap stuff in and out. That also makes it good for those who like to field painted armies.
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