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Postby Tommen » Saturday 7th January, 2012 5:09 am

How many people play flames of war here and how often do you play? Id like to have a bash at it at some point if anyones willing, and Ive been admiring all the new kits plasticsoldier have been bringing out, doesnt look like It would cost much to build a small force (or I can play with the 20mm infantry i used for DH/C7B and run an army of 12' soviet supermen) :lol:
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Re: FoW

Postby Sam » Saturday 7th January, 2012 10:37 am

We are but a few and sadly we play very infrequently.

There are a number of other players in Sheffield, part of an independent wargames society, with whom we had strong ties at one point... but civil war fractured their society (ok, I over dramatise, but there certainly was a scism) and we've lost touch a bit. I certainly haven't playe much since I graduated as I found it tricky to get down to play games on weekday evenings.

Do you have any of the rule books or have you tried the game before? I've been following Plastic Toy Soldier with interest. As you rightly point out, it would be very easy to build the core elements of a FoW army cheaply.

I would certainly be willing and able to help do a demo game- I have enough German stuff for Mid- and Late-War armies. Could Duncan or Rick be tempted into supplying Russians or Allies?

Cue derogatory posts from anti-FoW members... "Flames of Bore", "1944 forever" etc. :roll:
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Re: FoW

Postby Rick » Saturday 7th January, 2012 2:15 pm

There are a few of us with armies. I have mid war soviet infantry/mechanised infantry and can probably do late war too. Duncan has germans and soviets and sam has germans (who would have guessed?). We never really play at the society because of the small player base but I could certainly be tempted into playing some more (and yes, I'd be happy to loan by soviets out for a demo game).

The other society Sam is referring to is GIMPS (aka Sheffield Rotherham Wargamers) and you should join them if you want to play FoW as its pretty much their main game. They are alive and well and currently set up at the Farm Road social club near the McDonalds at the end of Queens Road which is easy to reach by Tram. They meet on Thursday evenings, have plenty of space and are open to new members. I recently rejoined because I wanted to play FoW and Warmachine more regularly. In addition to some fantasy and 40K they also play a lot of historical and modern wargames. Check them out at Let me know if you fancy going along.

Just to warn you, FoW is getting a new edition soon (feb I think) so the rules will be changing a bit. Since they are mostly "40k, but making more sense" you should find them easy to pick up.
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