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Postby Mattman » Monday 4th July, 2011 9:58 am

Has anyone had a look at the new game coming from Mantic?
It is a futuristic wargame called Warpath.

You can download a free beta copy of the rules to test them, along with two army lists.

Now this wouldn't be anything out of the ordinary apart from the fact that one of the armies is called the Forgefathers, who are blantantly Squats!! Even the teaser art shows exoarmoured dwarves. They have a unit called Forgeguard who were Forgeguard battlesuits!
Got to give a bit of love to Alessio for resurecting the space dwarves.

Now this opens up the possibility of some cheap squat models for 40k (a lot cheaper than FW anyway), not that we have any official army list yet!

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