WFB players: Nationals or Team Tournament?

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WFB players: Nationals or Team Tournament?

Postby The Kremlin » Thursday 15th January, 2015 4:02 pm

This discussion came up a while back at the society - heard some rumblings about people possibly not being that fussed with Nationals this year, and when I mentioned a team tournament (Stockport, 4-person teams) for WFB being the same weekend - society members have been before and had a good time - some interest was mentioned in doing that instead, for at least some of us.

Given Nationals decisions are presumably fast approaching (have been a bit out of the loop) - do people have strong views? Which would they rather do?

(Evidently not much help for players of things other than WFB).

Event is under the to my view excellent Swedish comp (it's complex, but I can help there). Out of the book warhammer, though it hasn't updated for End Times yet - nothing outright banned, just limits on combinations according to a complicated points-based system so you can't have all the toys at once.
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Re: WFB players: Nationals or Team Tournament?

Postby Sam » Tuesday 20th January, 2015 2:08 pm

Sadly I can't attend either event on that weekend now.

Though please do keep us posted on other similar events.
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