Initial impressions of 7th

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Initial impressions of 7th

Postby The Kremlin » Monday 2nd June, 2014 9:50 am

Some of us have played some games, figure we may as well talk about what we found out.

I've played just the one game, vs TomR's Chaos.

We played the first Maelstrom mission (3 tactical objectives each).

The core game mechanics felt very similar to 6th - there were a few differences, but for the most part the gameplay was very familiar and ran smoothly.

The scenario seemed to work. I probably had slightly better luck on the tactical objectives, and ended up winning the game - I think if the objectives had been balanced we'd have had a much more disputed result if the game had ended turn 5; as it went to 7 I'd just killed too much stuff and ran away with it at the end, finishing 18-10. I reckon we'll see notably less 3pt campaign wins from the Maelstrom missions where opponents are at all on a similar level. This said, on occasion utterly awful swings will happen from imbalanced objective rolls - this game they were in my favour but not catastrophically so.

Mobile scorers (with turbo boost, decent flat out, etc) felt hugely important. Particularly if they had Objective Secured - quite often I was able to boost a bike squad to take an objective only held by a normal scoring unit, and/or shoot just enough Plaguebearers to get them out of 3 then boost/flatout something onto an objective to score the tactical points, and this felt like a good use of my time. Objective Secured was undoubtedly a strong rule and the mission favoured Troop heavy armies - but especially mobile Troops and deepstrike/outflank units that could strike for backfield objectives that otherwise would be difficult to score mid game. I anticipate a lot more transports and armies in general to become more mobile so as to cope with the Maelstrom of War missions. I saw a few cases where units would have been incentivised to assault, but for the objective - so shooting gets a slight boost there, as assault may draw one off the tactical objectives midgame.

Rerolling objectives neither player could score (eg: kill a fortification) felt absolutely needed and I anticipate its becoming a house rule across the society. I certainly intend to suggest we play it to my opponents.

Psychic phase - he had one ML3, I had one ML2, both taking Biomancy. It felt a lot harder to reliably get powers off than 6th, at that level of psychic presence. It was rare to see more than one a turn, and reasonably often none went off (though I think we both rolled poorly to cast/well to deny). The powers that did go off made some notable difference - I didn't want to engage or target a T10 Great Unclean One, and Endurance helped save a bike squad that got trapped by a Daemon Prince.

Other random observations:

-Jink didn't hurt me that much as Tom didn't have all that much shooting and my game plan didn't rely on the on-board bike squads firing in early turns really. FMCs being able to Jink while not flying-high was a surprise, and with Shrouded on the Nurgle ones, seemed extremely powerful (though I was in the end able to answer them in combat).

-Vehicles felt notably tougher.

From observation of others' games:

-Invisibility seems just as bent as I thought, but more observation required. I do worry that it is going to lead to incredibly boring games though, I'm really concerned by it right now.

-Vehicles did seem to be surviving better across the games I saw. Definitely an edition where they seem more worthwhile.

-The new Challenge mechanics change the dynamic of hard characters vs units somewhat.

-With agreement between opponents, the new terrain rules aren't too much of an issue.
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Re: Initial impressions of 7th

Postby noodle » Monday 2nd June, 2014 1:42 pm

In my two games...

D - still very very powerful, but I had a chimera take 1 hull point from 2D :) so its less powerful.

"Into the Maelstrom" - YOU NEED MOBILITY. These missions really favour mobile non "gunline" units. Also I like the way they "draw out" units who are known for hiding for turn after turn... This happened in my game with Sam's riptide and crisis suits. To nab an objective they were forced to stand in the open... Of course I then missed or FNP saves were made...

Not a fan of templates hitting all levels, but never mind :)

Magic phase - invisibility was there, but my opponent never cast it :) It does end up with other spells going off though because I was hording dice to chuck at the dangerous invisibility. If you have no psykers, you may have no answers...

Limiting psychic in Apocalypse looks very necessary... limiting in 40k... maybe.

Terrain - you need to agree what things are... (shock!) Personally I would avoid "rubble" <---- Aleph sector blog <---- Aleph sector fiction <---- WW2 campaign <---- Warhammer campaign
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Re: Initial impressions of 7th

Postby Sam » Tuesday 3rd June, 2014 1:10 pm

Totally agree on sentiments already made regarding mobility and holding objectives.

This was, of course, always an important consideration - but it seems to be a particular point for attention now in light of the Maelstrom objectives cycling round. I don't feel a static gunline would manage well. Nor would an army that entirely relies in running off to do lots of assaulting (i.e. leaving the potentially useful objectives behind). Mobility and flexibility of the army as a whole feels to be the focus here.

From the Tau perspective (or, my Tau, at any rate):

- Vehicles did feel pretty tough. The new damage chart stops me from carving up tanks with single shot fusion blasting quite so easily now. This is probably a good thing, TBH. Single-shot kill abilities against vehicles feels like a deterrent to people using them. Speaking of which...

- D-weapons: I haven't had the pleasure yet, but initial feedback from Saturday's games felt like they were still a formiddable prospect but not totally over-powering. More field testing to be had here, I think, but I hope they turn out to have been successful in striking a balance.

- Wider variety of scoring units has openned up the trickier mission objectives like "Relic". Being able to pick that thing up with a Riptide gave me a much more optimistic outlook for the game. Normally my games of Relic are either blow the opponent to smithereens or else look on helplessly as they make off with the objective. Similarly, getting scoring stuff in opponents deployment zones will be more viable.

I hope it will prove a welcome move away from the over-bearing and non-interactive Tau gunline armies that have put many opponents off playing them (and probably deterred some Tau players, too).

- Magic phase: I wasn't fighting anything too broken in terms of enemy Psykers, but at this stage it didn't feel like an overwhelming prospect. Similar to WFB I suppose... There'll be a power or two that you know you want to stop, and you mitigate for the rest. Talisman of Arthas Moloch from the Farisght Enclaves list seems like a very attractice Signature System (see Farsight FAQ

- Jinking: the mechanic seemed to work nicely enough, and I understand the logic behind it, but makes a Hammerhead a less attractive prospect now.

- Force Organisation: lots of flexibility and choice for army composition, which I enjoyed (once I got my head round it :? ). Not sure I need to look at trying "Unbound", but nice to have it there as a choice.

- Feel No Pain is the best thing ever!! (sorry, I know this isn't news for 7th Ed. But it worked so well for me...Sorry Noodle :oops: ).
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Re: Initial impressions of 7th

Postby The Kremlin » Thursday 12th June, 2014 6:32 pm

Hmmm, the game I just played makes me feel like I don't want to take Invisibility again... Just felt way too good.
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