White dwarf and Warhammer Visions

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White dwarf and Warhammer Visions

Postby Juheera » Sunday 2nd February, 2014 12:47 pm

After having had a look at both the monthly and weekly formats I can say I am more disappointed than I expected to be

The weekly magazine, now called white dwarf, is on sale for £2.40.
The first half of this is what used to be the new releases section in the old white dwarf, then Jervis Johnson has a section which is followed by several pages of games developers taking about their experience with tyrannids.
After that there is a double page on painting parts of dwarfs followed by a section telling you how to glue models together and some more discussion about dwarfs.

maybe in future weeks when there aren't any new releases it will have more content but if it stays the same I would not recommend it.

The monthly magazine, warhammer visions, is on sale for £7.50
The start if this magazine is similar to the weekly one in that the first section is pictures of new releases, however they are of last months new releases.
It is full of high quality pictures of models, and includes sections such as blanchitsu, golden daemon entries, painting and converting guides as well as army of the month and an awful battle report, if it can even be called that anymore.
This could be an excellent magazine but probably to save on costs GW have decided to print all the text in English, French and German so you don't get any explanations of things, or any in depth detail, just a brief description and a barrage of photos.

In conclusion the weekly one may be worth getting if there is a decent article in there, which you may be able to check as the weekly ones weren't in any way packaged, but the monthly one is not worth bothering with for £7.50.
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Re: White dwarf and Warhammer Visions

Postby Talorian » Sunday 2nd February, 2014 2:48 pm

I bought both to give them a chance and I totally agree, very very disappointing. Maybe they will put some extra formations in there and make it worthwhile.

You'll find the content online a few days before its released, so you'll know whether it'll be worth it.
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Re: White dwarf and Warhammer Visions

Postby noodle » Tuesday 4th February, 2014 11:27 pm

Got the WD. Pretty much what I expected. To be fair it's got a dwarf character in it. That to me bodes well - or ill - for more mini releases in WD. I like the idea of a scout game to decide first turn - but I reckon we could come up with something better and more fluff based. Point is it gave me an idea...

This issue is dwarf heavy so not a great deal of interest. Also I know pretty much everything about GW and it's universes already - you have to remember they are trying to pitch this at people who know a lot less. I'd have loved it at 14!

Hope to see more relevant ( to me ) content and mini releases in it soon.

Visions I've not seen. I would love if they put things like short stories and random extra fluff in it. If they did if buy it. If only they had someone who could vomit forth fluff and stories at a prodigious rate... Oh well I already have a job :D
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