Tomb Kings for sale

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Tomb Kings for sale

Postby ErrantTentacles » Saturday 27th April, 2013 3:58 pm

Afternoon, when I first got back into Warhammer I started collecting Tomb Kings but quickly found painting skeletons very boring and they have just been gathering dust.

So for sale is

Tomb Kings Army Book (current edition)
War/Necrosphinx kit - some parts taken off sprue but otherwise unassembled or painted.
Tomb Kings Battalion - 40 skeletons, 8 skeleton horsemen, 3 chariots. I have started assembly on these so 8 skeletons have been made up and painted as archers and 4 have been made up as spearmen but not finished painting or attached the shield.

If you are interested just direct message me an offer, many thanks.
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