Links to NetEpic Rulebook and Army Books

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Links to NetEpic Rulebook and Army Books

Postby Mattman » Monday 11th February, 2013 6:00 pm

With the increase in interest in NetEpic I thought I would repost the link to the most recent rules and army books to stop any confusion.

All of these can be found on the NetEpic page here

The main rulebook is at the top of the page with the army books underneath it.
Anything after the heading NetEpic 5 are old versions of the rules and should not be used.

A word of warning, these are big files as they have lots of pictures and art so may take a little time to download. Also if your downloads don't look like a professionally produced document (i.e. word with no/minimal pictures) then you might be using a previous version of that document and your rules may be different (probably version 5 of the rules/army books).
Hope that helps (assuming the links work :? )


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