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Re: FAQ Updates

Postby Sam » Tuesday 23rd April, 2013 10:39 pm

Comrade_Nikolai wrote:Help me out here, are we now back to overrunning after undead crumble?

Yes. An unequivocal "undo" of the previous update.
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Re: FAQ Updates

Postby IronWithin » Tuesday 23rd April, 2013 11:14 pm

Talorian wrote:So they took away his only downside. Hmmm there's a good idea, over powered character who is nigh on invulnerable, so lets make him better!

He is a long way down on the list of "overpowered" characters. Powerful characters, yeah, he's up there, but he would struggle with to several of CC beasts out there (Swarmlord, Bloodthirster, tooled up DE and Necron Lords), he certainly not overpriced for what he does and he has no range to speak of.

It seems to have clarified that stats cannot be reduced to 0 (y'know unless if specifically states it), which I like.
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Re: FAQ Updates

Postby seriesofbadjokes » Tuesday 23rd April, 2013 11:29 pm

Regarding Daemons (Fantasy), modifiers to thier Leadership for instability cannot now reduce their Leadership below zero, so the most extra wounds they'll take will be 11 (as rolling 12 just removes the unit from the game). Might mean our units can stick around for a bit longer :D
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