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Alternative Warlord Titan

Postby Mattman » Sunday 1st July, 2012 10:57 pm

Steel Crown Productions (Exodus Wars) are continuing releasing their own models which are compatible with Epic.
This is their own version of a Titan:

Large Behemoth

Information about the model and its comparison to a Warlord can be found in the July Newsletter here:

Steel Crown Productions Newsletter

Price wise the Behemoth is a few quid more expensive than the warlord, but you get more model for your money. Plus the added bonus is the model is very modular, allowing various options for positioning legs and arms, and all the weapons can be brought separately, so you can configure and magnetise lots of options (compared to current GW titans which don't give many additional weapon options).

From what I understand they will also be releasing smaller types (i.e Reaver and Warhound types).
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