This forum is dead! Go to Facebook instead!

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This forum is dead! Go to Facebook instead!

Postby Hammerite » Wednesday 21st October, 2015 8:30 pm

You might have noticed that this place is a little less busy than it used to be. Forums everywhere are fading away and quietly, sadly, leaving the world behind. They're a bit like elves. If you want to talk to people these days, you have to use social networks instead!

Leave this desolate place and join your fellow geeks on our Facebook group: ... ywargames/

(New registrations are disabled now, and most existing accounts can no longer be used to post. In the event that someone later wishes to re-enable posting, you need to go into the admin control panel and change the "account activation" setting, then set the per-forum settings for several groups back to being able to post.)
And you don't remember what I said here, either, but it was pompous and stupid.
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