Wargaming for Science take 3

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Wargaming for Science take 3

Postby Talorian » Thursday 22nd January, 2015 10:38 am

Over the last few years the Wargeeks have been working alongside some guys within the Univeersity doing some research on speech recognition software, which entirely involved us getting mic'd up and playing games. It's been a laugh, and they are looking to do another session; here's the mail I got from Dr Fox,

Hi Ian, and happy new year,

I'm just mailing to ask if you, or any of your wargamers, would be able to help us out in one more speech recording session.

I may have mentioned to you before, we would like to correct for any gender bias in the speech data, and to this end we would like to record a day of games where we have some ladies either playing, or learning to play the game.

While all-females games would be ideal, in practice it seems very find to find female players, so we're thinking of running training games, where one of you guys (in the gendered sense!) either teaches four girls to play; or plays with them to give two or three girls per game. We are hoping we can find enough girls who would like to learn to play through societies like "geek girls" and and uni LAN gaming society (who might know "Dawn of War" and be interested to see the real thing.) Or if you guys can find some more, then that's also very useful. Especially if they can already play!

We'd be looking to record early Feb, and again for a full day if possible. Would you, and/or your other members be up for this? (We still have the free food budget!)


Is anyone interested in helping out, I'm guessing I'm looking at Helen here really, but if any of the guys would be willing to teach a game of something to a group of ladies, then again, let me know and I'll put you in touch with Charles
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Re: Wargaming for Science take 3

Postby Namhaft » Thursday 22nd January, 2015 1:40 pm

Happy to help and Vicki is also interested. Can't do 1st of Feb but pretty free otherwise.
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