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Gaming Mats

Postby DecapitateTheCat » Thursday 8th January, 2015 4:56 pm

Hello folks,

Euan here. I've had an idea about something the society could possibly invest in. Rubber tablecloths/mat things!
Actually, it's a mat that's meant to go under a tablecloth but whatever.

- Rolls up and even folds neatly without creasing.
- Pretty cheap, can buy it for about £6/metre from The Range or Dunelm Mill
- Variety of colours
- Doesn't fray
- Doesn't wrinkle as you play a game (my pet hate)
- Doesn't slip
- Doesn't stain
- Keeps a nice edge, cut it to 6' by 4' and you have a perfect playing field.

- Not the prettiest playing solution
- "We already have cloths, why are you suggesting we buy mats Euan!?"

... I should be a salesperson.

To illustrate what I'm talking about; here is my black mat cut to 3' by 3' which I had made for X-Wing:

Here is a close up of the playing surface (It's kinda like faux leather):

And of the non-slip back:

And an action shot of me playing X-wing with my Dad on it:

Cheers folks,
Let me know what you think and I'm happy to get a few made for the society and bring them in with me!
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