Winter Incursion (A tournament on the 8/9 December)

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Winter Incursion (A tournament on the 8/9 December)

Postby The Kremlin » Thursday 1st November, 2012 4:18 pm

For those of you interested in tournament-going:

Winter Incursion is rather different to Tempest that a few of us are going to in mid-November; far less comp restrictions mean that harder armies are coming out to play, with just the edge taken off the very scariest stuff.

TWF thread: ... 49&start=0

Rulespack: ... Inc_RP.pdf

The event is at the Eye of the Storm venue in Mansfield (or whatever they are calling it now); it's a good venue, but hard to do by public transport, so people will want to either drive or stay over. (I'm probably going to be looking to share a room or a lift with myself, and happy to split costs thereof).

Anyone interested?

(EDIT: the list deadline is the 18th November so a reasonably quick decision is required)
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