Greetings! Looking to sell...

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Greetings! Looking to sell...

Postby Flange » Monday 21st January, 2013 10:12 pm

I hope this isn't a faux pas, but I came here because I'm looking to sell some WH40K Space Marine minis. I played between about '03 and '06 but fell out of the hobby, and my army has ben gathering dust ever since. They're currently residing in a toolbox that I'd like to start keeping tools in, and I'd rather my army go to a good home rather than sit unused in the back of the warderobe. It's all painted in the Dark Angels colours, but I'm not sure if all the models are in keeping with the latest edition. My army consists of;

15 Space Marines, of which
9 have bolters
2 have bolt pistol and melee weapon (sergeants)
2 have flamers
1 has a rocket launcher
1 has a multi melta

5 Assault Marines

10 Scouts, of which
5 have bolt pistols and a melee weapon
2 have sotguns
2 have sniper rifles
1 has a heavy bolter

6 Terminators, of which
2 have storm bolters and power fists
2 have heavy flamers and power fists
1 has a storm bolter and a power sword (sergeant)
1 has a storm bolter and a cyclone missle launcher

2 Bikes

1 Attack Bike w/ multi melta sidecar

2 Predator Tanks
I have one hull with heavy bolter sponsons and one with lascannon sponsons, as well as 2 turrets, one with a twin-linked lascannon and one with an autocanon. The turrets and hulls are seperate so you can mix and match.

1 Techmarine

1 Dark Angels Stardard Bearer

1 Dark Angels Master Interrogator-Chaplain Asmodai

I also have a load of half used transfer sheets and spares sprues with various bits and pieces on them.

It's all pretty poorly painted and some of the models have fallen apart, and require repair, but I figure it might be useful for someone who's looking to get into wargaming. Maybe your group can keep them as a beginners army for newbies to use before they start buying thier own models. I'd love to get somewhere in the region of £75 for the lot, but I have no idea how much it's worth after my 14 year old self's attempt at painting them, so I'm willing to negotiate. Unfortunately I can't provide pics, as I don't have a camera, so if you're interested we can arrange a meeting. If you want the toolbox too I'll ask for an additional £20 on top of whatever is agreed on for the army.
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Re: Greetings! Looking to sell...

Postby Talorian » Monday 21st January, 2013 10:22 pm


Can link to photos that will give us an idea of the condition?

Would you be willing to split it up? Folks might give you a bit more if you sell it sections.

If you want rid of them quickly Wargames Emporium in Orchard Square buy second hand stuff and they may be willing to take it off your hands. It's the exam period at the moment, so folks might not be quick to respond.
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Re: Greetings! Looking to sell...

Postby Flange » Monday 21st January, 2013 10:39 pm

I'll see if I can borrow my housemate's camera to take some pics.

I can split it up if I need to, but it's just easier from my end if I sell it all together.

Speed is not much of an issue. I'd prefer a private sale, but I'll consider taking it to Wargames Emporium if I can't find a buyer here. Thanks for the tip!
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Re: Greetings! Looking to sell...

Postby Flange » Wednesday 23rd January, 2013 10:31 pm

Here is an album with photos of the army.

A few corrections from my first post. 2 of the marines with bolters actually use a melta and a plasma gun. Also the side sponsons on my tanks are more broken then I remember. I don't have the required pieces to fix them, but it should be possible to fashion some out of sprues and a knife.

The scouts, special characters and the terminator with the cyclone missle launcher are alloy, so hopefully you can bathe them in solution to strip them for repainting if you are so inclined.

If anyone wants to buy a section of the army, make me an offer.
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