Main Introductions Thread 2012

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Main Introductions Thread 2012

Postby Palfy » Monday 17th September, 2012 3:35 pm

As the topic title explains fairly well, this is the main introductions thread for 2012, so society faces both new and old can get to know each other a little.

So to kick things off:

Hello, I'm Tom. I typically play Warhammer Fantasy with Ogres and now Empire, although I'll occasionally play 40k with Chaos. I also enjoy playing board games from time to time. I graduated from Sheffield last year and if you have been sending emails asking questions, its probably me that answered them.
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Re: Main Introductions Thread 2012

Postby Vassakov » Monday 17th September, 2012 6:01 pm

Hi, I'm Ian. I'm the society treasurer for this year, so I'll be turning you're membership fees into useful things that the society wants/needs.

Usually a 40K player, I have a decade old Space Wolves Army and a Traitor Guard force. I've also dabbled in Fantasy, with a not-particularly-effective High Elves Army. (Yes, I'm aware that that is a feat in itself!)

Hope to see everyone soon!
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Re: Main Introductions Thread 2012

Postby Talorian » Monday 17th September, 2012 8:38 pm

Hello, I'm the actual Ian, the previous guy is an imposter and his real name is Pickles.

I'm joyously entering my 15th year with the society, which makes me one of the oldest guys around, but I'm not THE oldest so I'm OK.

I've been playing wargames now for somewhere around 24 years, I've played lots of games and lots of factions within each game. I'm currently focusing on 40k, but I doubt it will be too long before I break out my Fantasy armies. I'm also willing to play NetEpic, Gothic, AI, Uncharted Seas, Necromunda, Pirates of the Spanish Maine, Legends of the High Seas, various CCG's and board games. I'm looking at Dystopian Wars too just because I like the Steampunk background.

You'll find me easily as I'll be the one with one of either Dark Eldar or Craftworld Eldar, both Harlequin themed, smushing Pickles and his armies into the table. ;)
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Re: Main Introductions Thread 2012

Postby IronWithin » Monday 17th September, 2012 9:55 pm

Hi I'm Michael

I've only been back in wargaming for the past year and the society is what has gotten me back into it.

I pretty much just play 40k at the moment with my Iron warriors. I do have a Delaque Gang knocking around and Bloodbowl (though I do need a new team)

I'm entering my second year at university this year.
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Re: Main Introductions Thread 2012

Postby Dan » Tuesday 18th September, 2012 12:55 am

Hi I'm Dan

At the moment I play exclusively 40k, specifically bright yellow Eldar, although I'm looking to expand into other game systems.

Joined the society last year as a ex-student and have just about got to grips with the campaign (thank you Duncan). There's still plenty of people in the society I don't know so feel free to strike up conversation, remember, I'm more scared of you than you are of me.
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Re: Main Introductions Thread 2012

Postby Mattman » Tuesday 18th September, 2012 10:04 am

Hello there,

My name is Matt, and I am the Legend ;)

I am one of the old guard in the society, though not quite as old as SCanham and Duncan.
Much of what the society is today is down to myself and a gentleman called Jeff Ruddle *All hail the Jeff*!!

I joined the university back in 1996 and soon took over the Wargames Society as Chairman. Back then the society was a shadow of what it is today, only half a dozen members, with only an interest in Magic. Me and Jeff took over the reigns and started changing it, advertising WFB and Necromunda and organising games in the union which caught the eye of Duncan, who then came on board to run Bloodbowl and start getting campaigns under way. That was the beginning and look how far we have come.

I left the university in 2002 and started working, but even though my jobs took me all over the country, I would make time to come back to the society to play, help out and even run games at Student Nationals (even more so now with me living near Hull). I usually make it over every couple of weeks for games or just to hang out.

Game wise I started playing 25 years ago, starting with Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, then 40k Rogue Trader, Space Marine/Epic (2nd Ed) and 3rd Ed WFB before moving into many other games.
These days my favourite games are Magic The Gathering, NetEpic, Necromunda and Battletech, also like to play Netrunner and Mythos (old school CCGs), but will play most things and have tried most things over the years.
I am a long time player of High Elves, starting with the single pose models from 4th Ed and working my way through the various model ranges. I have a small unpainted and unmade Guard army and haven't played more than half a dozen games of 40k since about 3rd Ed, but with the new version I am weighing up the options of maybe getting a nice new army (either Salamanders or buying more tanks for my guard).
I hate painting, very few of my models are painted.
What I do love is to scratchbuild scenery which if you have seen other posts on here, you will see I am working on a load of new stuff for the society this term to improve their collection.
If anyone has any scenery requests for the society then let me know and I am sure I could knock something up from my garage full of bits :lol:

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Re: Main Introductions Thread 2012

Postby Shaidar Haran » Tuesday 18th September, 2012 4:30 pm

Hey. I'm Chris.
I don't post too much on the forum so might not hear too much from me.
I am another ex student and i have almost single-handedly created the necron empire of the 40k campaign.
My games are
40k - necrons, blood angels, tyranids.
Warmachine/hordes - everblight. Retribution.
Gothic - necrons
Fantasy - dark elves or lizardmen, but currently not really playing this game

Welcome to all newcomers.

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Re: Main Introductions Thread 2012

Postby noodle » Tuesday 18th September, 2012 7:53 pm

I'm sorry Matt, I'm about a week older than you! I'll do this intro later. <---- Aleph sector blog <---- Aleph sector fiction <---- WW2 campaign <---- Warhammer campaign
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Re: Main Introductions Thread 2012

Postby jodape » Thursday 20th September, 2012 1:24 pm

Hi I'm Jon

I'm new to the society and also to warhammer (blame NoDDSoc). Have a fairly small collection of nids which nearly all still need to be painted/come in the post. Hopefully someone will be able to point me in the right way for a decent sized army.

Will apologise in advance for being a newb.
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Re: Main Introductions Thread 2012

Postby The Kremlin » Thursday 20th September, 2012 2:50 pm

Hi I'm Jake. PhD student at the university, and only really play Warhammer Fantasy, with Dark Elves and Lizardmen.

Also do play a little bit of Battlefield Gothic now and then when the mood takes me, with the Imperial Navy.

I'm the society's local tournament enthusiast, so if anyone fancies going to tournaments, come talk to me.
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Re: Main Introductions Thread 2012

Postby jbrocklesby » Friday 21st September, 2012 11:59 am


Im Jason a final year student in the department of molecular biology and biotechnology and hope to join at the next meeting. I am new to 40k and gaming. I have been painting miniatures for some years previously, and have recently (re)animated a 1500pt necron army (fully painted and assembled) featuring many of the new necron goodies released with the new codex. I've yet to play a game of warhammer 40k but with the release of 6th ed I think its the perfect time to phase my necrons into action and rid the universe of lesser races ;).
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Re: Main Introductions Thread 2012

Postby Rommel » Saturday 22nd September, 2012 10:48 am

Hi I'm Mike,

I've returned to the society after 2 years living in Edinburgh. I play 40k mainly - Raven Guard, Grey Knights and Imperial Guard. I also have an Epic Raven Guard army and some AI and BFG.

I also gave half a late war German Flames of War army, if anyone else plays.
A Murder of Ravens - A Raven Guard Blog

40K Armies: Corellian Storm Guard, Raven Guard, Grey Knights
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Re: Main Introductions Thread 2012

Postby Aleosvance » Friday 28th September, 2012 8:18 pm

Hey All
I'm Greg, I'm a first year physics with computer science student. I play Warhammer (Skaven and Bretonnians), 40K (Space Marines (Not blue!), Tau and just started Eldar), LOTR and Inquisitor. Been playing for about 10 years, and looking forwards to meeting everyone :)
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Re: Main Introductions Thread 2012

Postby BlackCat » Friday 28th September, 2012 9:17 pm


I’m Victoria. I did my under graduate degree in Biology at Sheffield Uni, before briefly moving away to Edinburgh and recently moving back to Sheffield to do a PG Adult Nursing course at Hallam.

I am currently amidst obsessing about Orks and have 2 ‘completed’ (but ever growing) Ork armies: Uzfang Skarbad Dakanob Rotz Skull Smashin’ Deathskulls and The Blackfoot Snakebite clan. I am currently busy completing a 3rd: Chaz Gutvara’z Grot rebellion. I also have an Epic Armageddon army and am working on a BFG force.

I also have Space wolves, Tau, Skaven and Empire armies stashed in various stages of completion which may or may not make appearances at the society.

I’m interested in Malifaux (I have a Viktoria’s warband) and Flames of war (I have a small British Late War army).

I like painting, and as a result have a blog (which I update regularly when I have internet):
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Re: Main Introductions Thread 2012

Postby Rick » Sunday 30th September, 2012 6:27 pm

Hi there all, I'm Rick and I'm an ex student and long time member of the society. I'm a bit into painting, enthusiastic participant in the societies narrative campaigns since their inception and also self appointed advocate of minor games on the forum.

In 40k I play Tau (40k, gothic, aeronatuica imperialis), Dark Angels (40k) and Tyranids (40k and gothic). I'm also the creator of The Federacy within the campaign although currently in retirement.
In warhammer I'm the twitchy overfiend of the skaven dominion himself, Grey Seer Typhus! My bright magenta oriental themed skaven shall conquer all.
I also play Skorne (Warmachine/Hordes), Soviets - mid and late war infantry and mech infantry (flames of war), Haq Islam (Infinity) and Dwarves + Ralgard (Uncharted Seas - which we use to represent naval combat in the societies warhammer campaign).

Just as a note, if we have any new members joining who play any no-GW games like warmahordes, flames of war or infinity can you please make yourselves known via the forums.
40k: Tau (gothic, AI), Tyranids (NetEpic, gothic), Dark Angels
WFB: Skaven (uncharted seas)
Also Played: Warmachine/Hordes, Infinity, Flames of War
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Re: Main Introductions Thread 2012

Postby Russ » Monday 15th October, 2012 6:50 pm

Hey, like it says up there ^ and over there > i'm Russ or Russell.

I've been bringing my Slaanesh Daemons for the past few weeks for Warhammer but I also collect High Elves and have bits and bobs lying around from armies I used to collect like Orcs and Brets .I had been working on a Dragon Ogre themed armed before GW changed the rules and made it no longer viable in under 2500pts

I haven't really played a lot since 8th edition was released but it's the game I have the most interest in. Besides that though I have marines for 40k (of the yellow kind) and have been working on a Dark Eldar force. I've also got an elf team for Blood bowl and marines again for Epic.

Away from the toy soldiers i'm studying Architecture at Sheffield Hallam, I play Lacrosse and sometimes Squash and i'm quite into Starcraft 2 although mostly watching it at the moment.
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Re: Main Introductions Thread 2012

Postby Foz » Monday 19th November, 2012 12:34 pm

Hi all.
Actually managed to remember to sign up to the forum at last.
It is I, apparently now the oldest (chronologically that is, not in membership time) member, Foz (or Steve for the sensible).
You know the one with vaguely long hair, goatee going grey around the edges and a current liking for Flames of War.

See you at club.
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Re: Main Introductions Thread 2012

Postby Death_Guard » Friday 21st December, 2012 3:42 am


Finally got round to this!

I'm Chris, at Hallam doing BA Adult Nursing and got collared by Victoria to start playing again after a 10+ year break... So a complete noob again! Sporadically been coming to meets, but hopefully be a bit more active in future.

Currently only have my death guard, which i am procrastinating actually painting and my army list changes every week, but I'll get there. Apologies to other chaos players while I keep losing/learning!
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Re: Main Introductions Thread 2012

Postby Goliath » Saturday 13th April, 2013 3:55 pm

Hi, I'm Nathan and I'm the president for this year. Worryingly I've been dong this stuff since I was 11. I don't have any current armies as I just paint really, but I'm currently working on resurrecting my old Eldar army, i may make a small chaos force based on dark vengeance, and have a couple of ideas for armies in the back of my head for over the summer/when I have the monies/some point in the future.

I'm also in the same Inquisitor game as Greg, and am trying to regain my grip on how to battle by watching people at meetings, as its been more than 4 years since I last battled (and I'm only 19)
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Re: Main Introductions Thread 2012

Postby Juheera » Monday 15th April, 2013 4:31 pm

Hi there,

I'm edd and I'm your new treasurer

I mainly play marines, guard, dark eldar and chaos
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