Who we are and what we do

We're a society in the Students' Union consisting of people with an interest in tabletop wargames — games that are played with model soldiers (and tanks, fantasy creatures, and so on) and that simulate events on a battlefield. The wargames that are most played at the society are Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40,000. These are the ones that you are most likely to be able to turn up and find someone to play against, but if you're into another game then you will almost certainly find that someone else in the society shares your interest. For example, we have people who play Blood Bowl, Battlefleet Gothic, The Uncharted Seas and Warmachine. We also play various board games from time to time. The society owns rulebooks for several games, and lots of scenery for use in tabletop games.

We meet on Saturdays throughout the University term time. Sometimes we arrange meetings outside of term time, as well. At the Saturday meetings there will generally be between 15 and 25 people present, and perhaps up to 6 games (or thereabouts) going on at once.

If your interest is piqued

If you play tabletop games, used to play them, or even if you've never tried them before but think it sounds like fun, then do come along to one of our meetings and find out more. The society doesn't itself own any armies for common use, but you will probably find that society members are willing to let you borrow theirs for a game.

What about roleplaying?

Technically (meaning: as far as the Students' Union is concerned) we are a completely separate society to the Roleplaying Society, but in practice there is a kind of loose association between the two societies, as there are a number of people who are members of both. Anyway, their union page is here.

And what about collectible card games (CCGs)?

Again, our members do play CCGs and LCGs (Living Card Games) from time to time, but Sheffield has a dedicated student society for CCG enthusiasts, appropriately named the CCG Society. Their union page is here.


Being a society based around playing games, our weekly gaming meetings can be seen as our socials. As well as the gaming side, we often head to the Interval after a hard days gaming to celebrate our victories (and commiserate our defeats...)

Occasionally when we cannot get a space in the union, we will run trips to Warhammer World or other local venues in order to get our weekly gaming fix, which any member of the society is welcome to attend.


You can join at any time in the year by coming to one of our meetings and approaching a Committee member (see directly below). The membership fee is £3 (NUS*) / £4.50 (non-NUS**) for the year 2011–12, which goes towards buying scenery to be used for tabletop games, and rulebooks for certain games. Joining gets you a membership card, which entitles you to a 10% discount on most items from Wargames Emporium (in the Workshops part of Orchard Square shopping centre, in Sheffield city centre), as well as a 10% discount on wargaming products and 5% on roleplaying products from Patriot Games (near Castle Market in Sheffield city centre). (For detailed terms and conditions, which may change, please contact these stores directly.) You don't have to join right away if you are just curious about the society, but if you do start coming regularly then we'd appreciate it if you join eventually!

*This includes current University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam students.

**This includes Sheffield Union Life Members.

Who's in charge

Like other Students' Union societies, the Wargames society has a Committee that consists of three people - the Chairman, the Treasurer and the Secretary. It doesn't really have that much relevance to the day-to-day operations of the society, it's just that the Committee have a certain number of jobs - pretty much formalities - that they have to do from time to time. Every year, towards the end of Semester 2, the society has its AGM (another formality) at which it is decided who the Committee for the next year will be.

The Committee for the year 2012–13 is: Dan Nicholson (Chairman), Ian Picker (Treasurer), Hatty Hyde (Secretary) and Philip Eve (Webmaster).


Dan Chairman)